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Iran Upholds Christian Pastor's Apostasy Conviction: Execution as Early as Wednesday | American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ

EXCERPT: Just days after Iran released two Americans accused of spying in Iran, an Iranian court has upheld the apostasy conviction and execution sentence of Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. The 11th branch of Iran's Gilan Provincial Court has determined that Pastor Nadarkhani has Islamic ancestry and therefore must recant his faith in Jesus Christ. Iran's supreme court had previously ruled […]


Paradoxical Christian? I'm a Bible-believing Christian Who Passionately Supports Church State Separation

Paradoxical Christian? I'm a Bible-believing Christian Who Passionately Supports Church State Separation

By Steve Allred – I have some friends who tell me that I don't make sense when it comes to my position on separation of church and state. You see, some would call me a "fundamentalist" Christian. For example, I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and try to live my life by its teachings. I […]


Article18: Germany — Pope Benedict XVI Addresses Legislators; Chancellor Merkel Calls for Global Religious Tolerance

Article18: Germany — Pope Benedict XVI Addresses Legislators; Chancellor Merkel Calls for Global Religious Tolerance

By Martin Surridge – Like many of the other countries profiled in this blog, Germany has had a problematic, yet fundamentally important religious history. Home to both the Holocaust and the Protestant Reformation, Germany provided Europe with the impetus to take giant strides forward in the name of religious freedom, but also inflicted terrible losses and unimaginable pain on millions. […]


Rick Perry and the perils of sectarian religion in 2012 – Figuring Faith – The Washington Post

EXCERPT: [T]his year the GOP presidential primary has also been infused, most prominently by Texas Governor Rick Perry, with examples of sectarian religiosity that trades in the more provincial coin of white evangelical Christianity. While the advantages of speaking in such specific language in some settings are clear, overplaying a sectarian hand now may hurt candidates' ability to connect to […]


State department cites religious freedom violations (Associated Baptist Press)

EXCERPT: Suzan Johnson Cook, an ordained Baptist minister recently sworn in as United States ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, said the report outlining the state of religious liberty in 198 countries revealed key trends in how many governments and societies repress religion. Too often, she said, governments violate religious freedom both through intentional restriction and by failing to prosecute vigilante […]


OC Couple Threatened With $500-Per-Meeting Fines For Home Bible Study « CBS Los Angeles

EXCERPT: An Orange County couple has been ordered to stop holding a Bible study in their home on the grounds that the meeting violates a city ordinance as a "church" and not as a private gathering. Homeowners Chuck and Stephanie Fromm, of San Juan Capistrano, were fined $300 earlier this month for holding what city officials called "a regular gathering […]


Two-story Cross has Neighbors Fuming (LA Daily News)

EXCERPT: "It was her faith that led the petite 72-year-old to erect a 24-foot cross on the front lawn of her West Hills home. But the monument has infuriated some of the neighbors, who complain the symbol is an eyesore that is attracting lookie-loos to their quiet cul-de-sac and hurting their property values. "While residents have complained to city officials […]


North Dakota Catholic Conference says 'Sunday law' Benefits All People (EWTN News)

NOTE: This is in reference to a law that has been on the books in North Dakota for many years. In the past, it banned business all on Sunday. In 1991, the law was changed to restrict business only until noon on Sunday. This is not a "new" Sunday blue law. This article is interesting in terms of the arguments […]


Apple Bids Adieu to 'Jew or not Jew?' iPhone App in France (CNN)

EXCERPT: "Jew or not Jew?": That is just part of the question. An iPhone app bearing this name has been yanked from Apple's App Store in France amid threats of a lawsuit and demands for its removal. The app, still available elsewhere, pulls together a database of thousands of famous Jews – including movie stars, musicians, Nobel Prize winners and […]


Gov. Jerry Brown Should Veto Poorly Conceived Childcare Bill (LA Times)

EXCERPT: AB 101 began its career in January as a budget bill, then turned into a measure to eliminate community redevelopment agencies, and in June it was amended again and became an effort to slash in-home care service to seniors and the disabled. On Sept. 2, it was reborn one more time as a bill to create a powerful and […]