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Beren Academy boys hoops coach Chris Cole still hopeful TAPPS reschedules state semifinal to accommodate Sabbath | Dallas Morning News

  EXCERPT: HOUSTON (AP) — A Texas agency has turned down a request by an Orthodox Jewish school in Houston to reschedule a championship game potentially involving its boys' basketball team because the game time falls during the Sabbath. The Beren Academy advanced to the semifinals in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools' 2A tournament with a 23-5 […]


Dangerous Redefinition: Candidates Recast Role of Religion in American Life

By Jason Hines – I would like to say that Franklin Graham's appearance on "Morning Joe" was unique in this political season. On Tuesday, Graham was asked whether he thought President Obama was a Christian. Graham said he has to take President Obama at his word, but that he did not know whether Obama was a Christian. When asked why […]


Santorum's Martyr Complex (SLATE)

EXCERPT: Is Rick Santorum suffering for his faith? One of his advisers suggested to the Washington Examiner's Byron York that he is, and that Mitt Romney is getting absolution. "Why is Mormonism off limits?" York quotes the adviser as asking. "We're having to spend days answering questions about Rick's faith, which he has been open about. Romney will turn on a […]


No Compromise: The Story of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

No Compromise: The Story of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

Throughout history, it seems that people of most faiths have had some period of persecution and martyrdom for no crime other than telling others what they have chosen to believe. Those who dared to think differently were dangerous to the status quo and they either had to publicly change their mind or face torture or death.


Film Review: The Harm of "The Help"

Film Review: The Harm of "The Help"

In the end, I find this movie to be a whitewash of a very compelling story in a difficult time in American history. Racism and segregation are not portrayed as the evil, insidious institutions that they are, but are depicted instead as the result of catty White women attempting to maintain their place within their own social hierarchy. Furthermore, Toure, in his belated review of “The Help,” discussed the idea of the magical Negro, so I won't get into too much of it here. But I will say that I highly doubt that a White toddler needed her Black maid to remind her, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” It would've made better sense if the child said it to the maid.


Iran Court Convicts Christian Pastor Convert To Death | Fox News

The final verdict has been handed down. The blood of the martyrs continues to water the seed of the church. Prayers needed for courage and a miracle. Pastor Nadarkhani is a true hero of the faith and a witness against religious intolerance of all stripes.


Op-Ed: What is a Christian Nation?

Op-Ed: What is a Christian Nation?

I think we have to start at the most basic point – what do we mean when we say “Christian nation?” Part of what makes the notion of a Christian nation unworkable is that I don't think Christians in America (or anywhere else for that matter) could ever agree on what a Christian nation should be. If Christians can't agree on what it is, how could the ever actualize it? In some of the comments on left on the Facebook page, some have noted that a Christian nation is impossible because of Christ's statement that his kingdom is not of this world. (John 18:35-37) While this argument has merit, I mention it only to make the point that it would be hard to actualize a Christian nation if you had a contingent of Christians saying that having a nation is against the very premise of Christianity. In order to address the idea of what a Christian nation is, we have to define both what a nation is and what it means to be Christian.


President Obama's Health Care Mandate vs. Religious Liberty? Join the Discussion

In the last couple of weeks, the issue over whether religious employers should be required to fund contraceptives has become a hot issue. What do you think?  Join the discussion at


The High Cost of China's One-Child Policy

In 1979, China introduced a one-child policy which was brutally enforced. This excellent documentary by Shorewood High School students tells the story.


RLTV Podcast: The Rock v. The Gates and the Role of the Remnant

A presentation by Michael Peabody at the Corona Seventh-day Adventist Church – February 4, 2012.