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Timeline: Obama Administration Actions Affecting U.S. Religious Freedom | Christianity Today

Excerpt: "The past year has marked a shift in religious liberty debates, one that previously centered on hiring rights but became focused on health care requirements. When President Obama first took office, faith-based groups were especially concerned that organizations that discriminate in hiring based on religious beliefs would become ineligible for federal funding. In 2011, the President indicated that he […]


Is Santorum Right? How to Revive American Protestantism (and Why It is So Important)

Is Santorum Right?  How to Revive American Protestantism (and Why It is So Important)

By Michael D. Peabody Like it or not, the GOP Primary season seems to be winding down. Mitt Romney is emerging as the clear winner, and while there may be some chance for another candidate to take the flag, it is "mathematically unlikely." So let's debrief. More than any other time in recent history, specific religious beliefs took the center […]


Hands Off! Religious Liberty Furor Over Birth Control (Liberty Magazine)

The real sleeper issue here, as it is with much of the political warfare of the present day, is money. Liberty magazine has consistently warned church organizations against taking state money. We have from the very beginning of the Faith-Based Initiative of the previous administration (an initiative still alive and kicking against the First Amendment establishment prick) warned that it is inimical to church-state separation for public monies to be used to advance any particular faith view. So it would seem a little ungrateful to the public purse for a church to object when the state applies generally applicable regulations to an operation it might tend to see as its pocket money project.