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(VIDEO) Greg Hamilton: "We The People" and Christ's Counter-Revolution

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Based on Mark 15 and Revelation 13, this seminar examines current events in light of Bible prophecy. The fickle crowd dynamics at Christ's trial parallels today's political and religious crowd. As our nation's founders predicted, this foment is leading to the dissolution of our Constitution. But Christ is preparing those who will listen and learn—as He did with His disciples—for a greater revolutionary calling in these last days.


Lawrence Geraty – Diversity: Friend or Foe? (Video Presentation)

An inspirational presentation by Dr. Lawrence Geraty, former president of La Sierra University and noted archaeologist, speaking at Newbold College on how God's creation of a world of diversity should inform how we value the human rights of each individual.


Religious Liberty: Windows of Vulnerability?—Bert Beach

[fblike style="standard" showfaces="true" verb="like" font="arial"] 01-19-2013 Burt Beach: Religious LIberty: Windows of Vulnerability? from Spencerville Adventist on Vimeo. Bert Beach presented this sermon at the Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church on January 19, 2013.


A Dwight Nelson Sermon on Politics: American Confusion

A Dwight Nelson Sermon on Politics: American Confusion from


“The Coming Storm” – David Asscherick, Part 1

Pastor David Asscherick's opening session at the October 20, 2012, "The Coming Storm" religious liberty congress in Atlanta, Georgia, evaluates the awakening call to people of prophecy through ancient events. Part One ambitiously covers the time span from the founding of the Christian Church to 1844. (See Part 2 at NARLAVideo on YouTube)


"The Coming Storm" – David Asscherick, Part 2

Pastor David Asscherick's closing session at the October 20, 2012, "The Coming Storm" religious liberty congress in Atlanta, Georgia, continues a historical review of the awakening call to people of prophecy. Part Two covers 1844-present, with a focus on "the single most important move the Seventh-day Adventist Church must be making."


Trailer: Hell and Mr. Fudge

Edward Fudge, a young Bible-belt preacher, gets a surprise visit from an eccentric stranger who has a bizarre request. He wants Fudge to investigate Hell. More at: http://hellandmrfudge.org/


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on International Religious Freedom (Carnegie Endowment)

A transcript of the event is available at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace website.


Inspiration: Dr. Ben Carson's Speech at Emory

Ben Carson: "Many people came to this nation and they were trying to escape from societies that tried to tell them what they could say and what they could think and here we come reintroducing it through the back door. And we need to remember that it is not important that we all think the same thing and the emphasis should not be on us all saying the same thing. The emphasis should be on learning how to be respectful of individuals who have a different opinion."


Romney's 12/6/2007 Speech on Religion and the Presidency