Dayton Tennessee Christian School Sued by U.S. Department of Labor (ASINet)

Last year an injunction was brought against the Laurelbrook School by the US Department of Labor. It alleged that Laurelbrook's vocational program was in violation of juvenile labor laws. The trial, currently in recess, is scheduled to resume on March 30.


Emotion, misunderstanding mark religion-in-school cases (The Tennessean)

Most people have a mistaken understanding of what the First Amendment means, says Charles Haynes, a senior scholar at the First Amendment Center.

"People tend to carry around two failed models in their head," Haynes said. "Either we keep religion entirely out of public schools or we keep on doing what we used to do in the good old days and promote religion in school."

Because of those failed models, schools end up making poor decisions when it comes to religion.


Illinois law requiring moment of silence in public schools ruled unconstitutional

The court upheld the principle that students have a constitutional right to pray on their own at any time and that the government or the schools should not arbitrate when and how students pray.


Weekend Inspiration: Bill Hybels Interviews Bono

Bill Hybels of Willowcreek interviews Bono, lead singer of U2, about how churches should respond to the AIDS crisis in Africa.


Fifteen years later, home-school parents say legal battle was worth it

Fifteen years later, home-school parents say legal battle was worth it

By Lorie A. Shane – Michigan Education Report – Chris DeJonge was in her second week of homeschooling when the knock on the door came. She opened it to find two employees from the local office of the Michigan Department of Social Services (now the Department of Human Services), who informed her that her children were truants and that she and her husband were breaking the law by teaching them at home.


Why Communities Must Support Public Education

Why Communities Must Support Public Education

By Danielle Peabody – "If society expects to reap the benefits of educational improvements, society needs to be willing to step in and contribute its time, talent, and support to making education work. It is not something that schools alone can be expected to achieve – parents, neighbors, taxpayers, and future employers have the opportunity to take an active involvement at the local level through their volunteer efforts and supportive work. This is not so much an issue of money as it is a dedication to make sure that society will benefit from education and that education will benefit from society."


California Court Reverses Itself and Says Homeschooling Parents Do Not Need Credentials

This overturned the decision the judges made in February requiring homeschooling parents to possess credentials. In their decision, they stated, "It is important to recognize that it is not for us to consider, as a matter of policy, whether homeschooling should be permitted in California . That job is for the Legislature. It is not the duty of the courts to make the law; we endeavor to interpret it."


Take Money, Lose Faith – Seven Catholic Schools turned into public schools in Washington DC (Maryland Daily Record)

Charles C. Haynes points out the trap that religious schools can fall into if they decide to take government money.  For those of you who study the tight bonds between money and religious freedom, this story is a must-read. – Editor EXCERPT: CHARLES C. HAYNES Special to The Daily Record June 27, 2008 On June 16, seven Roman Catholic schools […]


Wall of silence broken at Minnesota's Muslim public school

A Minnesota columnist reports on her visit to a "Muslim public school" in Minneapolis. It will be interesting to see whether the school survives constitutional scrutiny. Recently, I wrote about Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA), a K-8 charter school in Inver Grove Heights. Charter schools are public schools and by law must not endorse or promote religion. Evidence suggests, however, […]


McCain shies away from religion talk –

McCain shies away from religion talk –

Presidential candidate John McCain remains private about his religion. By Jonathan Martin – Traversing the country this week on a tour of places that have shaped his life and informed his values, John McCain spoke in strikingly personal language to introduce himself to the American public. But missing so far is any significant mention of religious faith. In an […]