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Religious leaders line up in support of Supreme Court case – The Courier-Journal

  The U.S. Supreme Court will soon hear a case involving whether churches can "discriminate" when making employment decisions about employees who are not clergy. EXCERPT: [Many religious groups] support the right of religious groups to hire and fire teachers who could be construed as "ministers" on grounds that would be otherwise discriminatory, whether due to race, gender and disability […]


North Dakota Catholic Conference says 'Sunday law' Benefits All People (EWTN News)

NOTE: This is in reference to a law that has been on the books in North Dakota for many years. In the past, it banned business all on Sunday. In 1991, the law was changed to restrict business only until noon on Sunday. This is not a "new" Sunday blue law. This article is interesting in terms of the arguments […]


Gov. Jerry Brown Should Veto Poorly Conceived Childcare Bill (LA Times)

EXCERPT: AB 101 began its career in January as a budget bill, then turned into a measure to eliminate community redevelopment agencies, and in June it was amended again and became an effort to slash in-home care service to seniors and the disabled. On Sept. 2, it was reborn one more time as a bill to create a powerful and […]


California AB 889 Could Be End of Private Babysitting Services

California state Senator Doug LaMalfa writes the following here. The bill is significant enough that we are reprinting his post here.  Further analysis of the liberty implications of this billing that could end private babysitting services to follow. Editor ———-   Adventures In Babysitting: Nanny State To Sue For Rest Break? By Senator Doug LaMalfa   How will parents react […]


New York City Council Passes Workplace Religious Freedom Act (Sikhsayaset.net)

EXCERPT: The law, called the "Workplace Religious Freedom Act" by supporters, changes the legal standard by which courts review claims of religious workplace discrimination by public and private city employees. Under current city law, employers are required to make ‘reasonable accommodations' for the religious practices of their employees. However, employers can bypass this requirement by showing that such accommodations would […]


Feds Find Young Children Working Strawberry Farms – ABC News

EXCERPT: "In a letter to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis sent last Friday, Human Rights Watch expressed concern over a "disturbing overall decline in enforcement of child labor law" at the Department's Wage and Hour Division. The non-profit group, which documented the use of child labor in farm work in a report released last year, cited 2010 Labor enforcement data showing […]


Israel Looking Into Making Sunday Day of Rest (Bloomberg)

EXCERPT: Israel's government is examining a proposal to shift the weekend to the western Saturday and Sunday, a step that may benefit financial markets and retail and leisure companies. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week appointed Eugene Kandel, head of the National Economic Council, to look into the implications of changing the weekend from Friday and Saturday. The proposal would […]


Church, State, and the Postal Service: The Contentious History of Sunday Mail Delivery

Church, State, and the Postal Service: The Contentious History of Sunday Mail Delivery

Between its inception in 1775 and 1912, postal employees delivered mail seven (7) days a week. In the early 1800s, religious leaders became concerned that employees were forced to work on the "Christian Sabbath," or Sunday, and began to petition Congress to use its Article I powers to disallow Sunday delivery. This concern reached a fevered pitch in 1810 when Congress required post offices to open at least one hour on Sunday. Outraged that Congress had thus enforced Sunday desecration, religious leaders began to clamor for legislation that would outlaw Sunday operations.


Justice Department sues on behalf of Muslim teacher, triggering debate – The Washington Post

Do religious accommodation requirements cover a 3 week trip to Mecca? http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/justice-department-sues-on-behalf-of-muslim-teacher-triggering-debate/2010/07/28/ABfSPtEB_story.html


Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty – Supreme Court to Hear Religious Hiring Case

This case involving the ministerial exemotion from employment discrimination statutes could have huge implications for churches and denominations.