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Church deserves trial on constitutionality of shutdown order rules judge

John MacArthur - Grace Community Church

Contempt of court is a quasi-criminal act, and the court cannot punish someone for breaking a regulation if that regulation is not constitutional.


"I dissent!" A Survey of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Religion Clause Jurisprudence

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2016. Official Supreme Court portrait.

Ginsburg wrote little on the religion clauses, but she frequently joined with those Justices who favored a strong separation of church and state. 


Wohlberg: Churches Should Not Surrender Right to Assemble

Small old white church in the country

White Horse Media director Steve Wohlberg spoke this past weekend about the ramifications churches may face when they surrender their right to choose to meet or not during the pandemic. 


LA County fails bid to shut down church and must prove why free exercise rights should be infringed

John MacArthur - Grace Community Church

Los Angeles County lost another battle in its bid to stop Grace Community Church from meeting indoors today. Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff found that, contrary to the County's representation, the Sun Valley megachurch led by Pastor John MacArthur did not violate any court order because no court order prohibited the congregation from meeting indoors.


Why Churches are Fighting Shutdown Orders

Why Churches are Fighting Shutdown Orders

Five months into the pandemic shut-down, Los Angeles County is asking for the courts to find that Grace Community Church Pastor John MacArthur acted in contempt of court for holding services this past weekend, and for fines of $20,000 against church leaders and the congregation. 


Two Southern California Judges Refuse to Shut Down Churches This Weekend

John MacArthur - Grace Community Church

With outdoor temperatures expected to pass the 100-degree mark, two Los Angeles area judges have given local churches some comforting news.


Ventura County Sues to Stop Church from Meeting Indoors

Pastor Bob McCoy - Godspeak Calvary Chapel - Newbury Park, CA speaking on YouTube 8/5/2020.

On August 2, 2020, the church again met indoors and Pastor McCoy said he was "willing to go to jail" and "willing for them to take our building" rather than comply with the state and local orders.


Founders’ First Freedom urges Supreme Court to Restore Title VII Workplace Religious Accommodation Standard

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Today, Founders’ First Freedom, Inc. filed an amicus brief urging the United States Supreme Court to revisit and restore the workplace religious accommodation standard found in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Court rules agency can decide if employers must provide contraceptive coverage

Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court sidesteps the free exercise claim and grants government agencies the power to determine whether to apply the ACA contraceptive mandates to employers. 


Supreme Court: Religious schools immune from teachers' discrimination claims

Supreme Court of the United States

The ethical and moral onus is now on religious institutions as they decide whether to fire "ministerial" employees for reasons illegal in the secular world, such as age or the need for cancer treatment. Institutions engaging in this kind of discriminatory tactic will still need to answer to a Higher Source who will not be impressed with their ability to obtain summary judgment. The way for religious institutions to "win" these cases is to avoid them in the first place by taking the lead in treating employees with the highest degree of care and concern.